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Celebrating Catholic Schools Week-How Can You Get Involved?

Celebrating Catholic Schools Week-How Can You Get Involved?

Our Junior Kindergarten Stars and Suns love their Catholic school!

25 Jan, 2023

Why Do We Celebrate Catholic Schools Week? Obviously, we participate in Catholic Schools Week because we are a Catholic School! Right? But why do we celebrate? We celebrate annually with all Catholic Schools nationwide because we provide an exceptional education, and we want everyone to know about the quality and distinction of Catholic schools.

Established in 1974, Catholic Schools Week (CSW) is a time to share the value Catholic education provides to young people and its contributions to our church, our communities, and our nation.  The CSW theme of “Faith. Excellence. Service” embraces our Dominican Pillars and speaks to values we strive for on our campus each day.

Steeped in tradition, with a focus on providing an outstanding education while instilling morals and values, our school nurtures students and prepares them to achieve at high levels. They are prepared to become leaders who will make a difference in the world when they leave our campus. That is the hallmark of a Catholic education.

During the week we have many activities planned to celebrate our students, our educators, and everything we love about our Catholic school. In addition to a schoolwide food drive for the Mid-South Food Bank, students will write letters and draw pictures for our military men and women and pray a decade of the Rosary during religion classes each day praying for the theme of the day. Classes will write to their adopted priests, and we will celebrate Mass with our Grandparents.

So how can you, as a member of the SAA and SDS communities, help us celebrate Catholic Schools Week? Spread the Word! Tell others about the love and the exceptional education our school provides. Invite friends and neighbors to take a tour of our campus and see Catholic education in action. Help people understand that you do not have to be Catholic to take advantage of what our school has to offer. Encourage your children to participate in the campus-wide activities next week. Let them know that they, our amazing Stars and Suns, are being celebrated too.

Our SAA third grade Stars summed it up pretty well for us, in case you need some inspiration:

“I love my Catholic school because I feel safe here.”-Sophia

“I love my Catholic school because I feel like everyone here loves me.”-Charlotte

“I feel like I get to learn more things at my Catholic school.”-Ruthie

“I love my Catholic school because everyone is inclusive.”-Madeline

Well said, Stars!

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