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Sisterhood Committee Shines

Sisterhood Committee Shines

21 Apr, 2021

When alumnae are asked what sets St. Agnes Academy apart from other schools, the answer is clear: it is the sense of sisterhood, family, and community they experienced at SAA that has most impacted the rest of their lives.  In a year of cohorts and masking and physical distancing, the school has been even more intentional in looking for ways to instill sisterhood.  The Upper School counselors decided to reach out to the students for their ideas and energy, and the result was a new leadership opportunity - the Sisterhood Committee.

The committee was charged with planning events throughout the semester aimed at building connections between all the classes. In previous years these events have been coordinated by the Counseling Department. The feedback from the students was positive, and they were invited to apply for the Sisterhood Committee positions. In their applications, they explained why they wanted to be a part of the new committee and shared some ideas for events.

“I was eager to be a part of the Sisterhood Committee because I believe the bond we create within the school community is crucial for in school and out of school,” said Stella Billups (SAA 11). “It is very relieving walking through the halls knowing that you have a whole community that will be there for you. Sisterhood not only teaches us to love one another but it also teaches us to love ourselves, which is a skill that we all need before beginning a new chapter in the real world,” Stella explained.

The Sisterhood Committee, which is comprised of four sophomores and four juniors, has hosted two events this semester. The February event, for the Classes of 2023 and 2024, included 5 Questions, Bingo, and a Just Dancecompetition. Earlier this month the Classes of 2022 and 2024, enjoyed an outdoor event with music by “DJ Stella B”, a game of kickball, time to hang out on picnic blankets, and frozen treats.

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When asked why it was important for the students to take over sisterhood event planning, committee member Ava Rose Whidden  (SAA 10) stated, “I think it is extremely beneficial for the students to be planning the events because the we understand better what other students want to do and will enjoy doing. The students know what will truly engage their fellow peers and will know how to make it a more enjoyable and successful event for all.”

“The sisterhood of St. Agnes is so special because having this bond can help us grow emotionally and feel empowered as young women. It helps us feel confident that what we say, think, and feel really matters,” said Gabby Huffman (SAA 10), a member of the Sisterhood Committee.

The committee looks forward to expanding sisterhood events post-COVID, giving all classes even more opportunities to bond with each other.

“The Sisterhood Committee aims to give every student at St. Agnes a chance to meet new people and discover friendships with people you might not have met otherwise,” said Fontana Cary (SAA 11). We want to spread sisterhood across all classes and grades so even the freshmen, who may feel quite nervous to come out of their shell, will feel comfortable enough to do so!”


The members of the newly formed Sisterhood Committee are: Stella Billups, Aubrey Bubrig, Fontana Cary, Jenifer Cuyler, Isabella Gardino, Gabby Huffman, Kate McClusky and Ava Rose Whidden.

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