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SDS Alums Named De La Salle Scholars

SDS Alums Named De La Salle Scholars

17 May, 2024

Congratulations to our St. Dominic alumni from the Class of 2023 who were recently selected as De La Salle Scholars at Christian Brothers High School. 

The De La Salle Scholars program gathers a community of the most gifted and dedicated students to hold each other to the highest standards of academic achievement and leadership. The De La Salle Scholars are a group of boys bound together with common goals of serving the community and supporting one another in achieving extraordinary academic accomplishments.

We are proud of these Suns and their academic accomplishments during their freshman year of high school. 

Gray Bartlett

Nash Cochran

Omar Gonzalez

Brodie Kelley

Hoben Knox

Jake Kustoff 

Adam Lamey

Andrew Mayo

Nick Mihalko

Ben Nunn 

Sam Sicuro 

Duncan Soldan 

Shuler Tidwell 

William Umsted

Wyn Wade 

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