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Grades 5-8 Athletic Awards

Grades 5-8 Athletic Awards

Athletic Department special award winners Avery Weems (Dick Saukus Memorial Award) and Harrison Garner (James W. Mathis Memorial Award)

15 May, 2024

It's been an outstanding year in sports for our Lower School Stars and Suns! We recently gathered to celebrate our athletes and honor our coaches during the grades 5-8 Athletic Awards Assembly on May 9. It was a special time to recognize those who have dedicated their time and talents to SAA-SDS during the 2023-2024 school year. Congratulations to everyone for a successful year!


Special Award Winners

Our top two awards, the Dick Saukus and James W. Mathis Memorial Awards, are presented to one 8thgrade multi-sport athlete from each school who has excelled and most exemplifies the combination of athletic ability, academic achievement, and citizenship.


The Dick Saukus Memorial Award – Avery Weems

Coach Saukus was a dedicated coach for many years at St. Agnes Academy. He was especially devoted to the Lower School basketball program and worked selflessly to develop our grade school athletes. Coach Saukus passed away in the early 90s while still actively involved as a coach and mentor. This award carries his name because of the lasting impact he had on the athletic program here at St. Agnes.


The James W. Mathis Memorial Award – Harrison Garner

Coach Jim Mathis started coaching at St. Dominic School in 1962 and was in his 50th year in that capacity when he passed away in 2012.  He was a born competitor and decorated track and field athlete holding multiple records including 4 world records as a Masters Division runner. While at SDS Coach Mathis served this community as a teacher and athletic director and coached baseball, basketball, & track and field. It is estimated he had nearly 2000 victories during his time at SDS. 


Scholar Athlete Awards

The scholar athlete awards are given to multi-sport athletes with the highest GPA in 7th and 8th grade for St. Agnes Academy and St. Dominic School. This year’s recipients are:


St. Agnes 7th Grade Scholar Athlete: Ally Hines

St. Agnes 8th Grade Scholar Athlete: Julie Coker        

St. Dominic 7th Grade Scholar Athlete: Griffin Kenney

St. Dominic 8th Grade Scholar Athlete: Evan Wylie


St. Agnes Academy Team Awards



Cross Country 6th-8th

Most Valuable Runner - ALEJANDRA VIVAS


Soccer 6th-8th

Coach’s Award - MOLLY BLACK

Most Valuable Player - AVERY WEEMS


Tennis 5th-8th

Coach’s Award - LILA STOCK

Most Valuable Player - ELEANOR WEEMS


Volleyball 5th-6th JV 

Most Improved Player - BROOKE CLAYBURN



Volleyball 5th-6th Varsity 

Most Improved Player - ASA HUDSON

Most Valuable Player - OLIVIA KERR


Volleyball 7th-8th 


Most Valuable Player - VICTORIA ROBINSON


Volleyball 7th-8th JV 

Coach’s Award - JULIE COKER

Most Valuable Player - MADISON CARTER


Volleyball 7th-8th Varsity 

Coach’s Award - KEIRA MARTINEZ

Most Valuable Player - SCARLET MALONE



Basketball 5th-6th JV 

Most Improved Player - AVERY HOLTON

Most Valuable Player - MIA FLEGLE


Basketball 5th-6th Varsity 

Coach’s Award - TINK LAMBERT

Most Valuable Player - ELIZABETH ONIKEKU


Basketball 7th-8th 


Most Valuable Player - ALLY HINES


Swimming 6th-8th

Coach’s Award - AVERY WEEMS

Most Valuable Swimmer - MCKINLEY MILLER



Softball 5th-6th


Most Valuable Player - ELIZABETH ONIKEKU


Track & Field 6th-8th

Coach’s Award - AMARA TOUCH

Most Valuable Runner - AVERY WEEMS


St. Dominic School Team Awards



Cross Country 6th-8th

Most Improved Runner - AJ ONGSINGCO

Most Valuable Runner - WES ROBERSON


Football 5th-6th

Coach’s Award - PHILIP KING

Most Valuable Player - PARR WORLEY


Football 7th-8th

Coach’s Award - ARTHUR WHARTON

Outstanding Offensive Player - JACOB HOLMES

Most Valuable Player - HARRISON GARNER


Golf 5th-8th

Most Improved Golfer - HANK THOMPSON

Most Valuable Golfer - FRANK MUSCARI III



Basketball 5th-6th JV 

Most Improved Player - PHILIP KING

Most Valuable Player - CHRISTIAN CLARK


Basketball 5th-6th Varsity 


Most Valuable Player - HUDSON CLARK


Basketball 7th-8th Combo

Coach’s Award - WES ROBERSON

Most Valuable Player - CONNELL SIMMONS


Basketball 7th-8th JV

Coach’s Award - COLE TIDWELL

Most Valuable Player - WORTH WARREN


Basketball 7th-8th Varsity

Coach’s Award - WILLIAM HILL

Most Valuable Player - HARRISON GARNER



Track & Field 6th-8th

Most Improved Runner - HARRIS LUCCHESI

Most Valuable Runner - WES ROBERSON

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