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Meet Our Lower School SGA Chaplains

Meet Our Lower School SGA Chaplains

Lower School SGA Chaplains Adam Wade and Reagan Williams

27 Mar, 2024

The role of the Student Government Association Chaplain is vital to building a sense of community in the Lower School of St. Agnes Academy and St. Dominic School. Our current Lower School SGA Chaplains are Reagan Williams (7th) and Adam Wade (8th).

According to Amy Cluck, Lower School SGA sponsor, "Reagan and Adam are true leaders in our Catholic faith.   As junior high role models for the younger students, they are living examples of what Christ calls us to do every day: to be the best version of ourselves." Please take a minute to get to know Reagan and Adam a little better!

How long have you been a student at SAA-SDS?

Reagan: This is my 10th year at SAA.

Adam: I have been going to St. Dominic since sixth grade, this is my third year.

Why did you want to be SGA Chaplain? 

Reagan: I wanted to be SGA Chaplain because I felt that it would help me to grow in my faith and also help my school community to witness the presence of God outside of their classrooms. 

Adam: I wanted to be SGA Chaplain because I think I have a good relationship with God, and I wanted to be able to share that with other students.

What were your goals for the SGA Chaplain role this year?

Reagan: My goal for this year as SGA Chaplain was to help bring other students closer with God. Another goal was for myself-to grow closer together with God and involve God more in my daily life.

Adam: My goals as SGA Chaplain were to spread the Word of God to my friends and to be seen by others as a spiritual leader for the school.

You have led several service projects this year. Which one was your favorite and why?

Reagan: My favorite service project was the Gifts for Gods Children Christmas Drive. Even though we didn’t deliver the presents to the children directly, we did get to gather them all from the classrooms and load them into cars. For me, I found joy knowing that some kids that are not as fortunate as us were going to be opening the presents and having a great Christmas.

Adam: I think my favorite project was raising money for the St. Vincent de Paul Society through Val-o-gram sales, I liked this because it was a good way to get the whole school involved in raising money for one cause.

Your role as Chaplain is so important! Out of the four Dominican Pillars, your role as Chaplain involves three of them-Prayer, Community and Service. Which one of those do you think impacts you the most every day?

Reagan: I think that the pillar of Prayer impacts me most every day. I say that because since I have been chaplain, I have gotten to involve that pillar into my life more and it makes me feel happier to know that I am growing in my faith with the Lord through prayer. 

Adam: I think Community impacts me the most every day because I love being surrounded by my friends at St. Dominic who support each other.

Do you think you will pursue other leadership roles in the future?

Reagan: I definitely think I will pursue leadership roles in the future. I have loved being involved with SGA and getting to help make decisions within my school. SGA has given me many opportunities, and I will not pass up the chance to pursue other leadership roles either within my school or outside of it.

Adam: I will be attending CBHS next year and I'm going to try to pursue leadership roles there.

What other activities (at school or outside of school) are you involved in?

Reagan: The main other activity I am involved in is AllStar cheerleading with Memphis Pride Cheer. I also did football cheer with the SAA-SDS cheer team.

Adam: Currently, at school, I'm involved with Beta Club and Student Government Association, outside of school I play lacrosse, golf, and basketball.

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