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What We Learned at the Living Museum

What We Learned at the Living Museum

Mrs. Hamer's fourth grade Suns did an outstanding job at this year's Living Museum.

08 Nov, 2023

One event that is a part of our robust social studies curriculum is the Living Museum, presented annually by our 4th grade Suns. After researching a historical figure and putting together costumes and props, the boys present to fellow students and families.

This year’s Living Museum took place on Friday, November 3. As we “toured” the museum, we asked the boys to each share fun facts they learned, and here is what they had to say:

Heinz Barksdale (Theodore Roosevelt) “He became president when McKinley got assassinated.”

Hudson Beyer (Daniel Boone) “He explored 5 times to different states.”       

Liam Bond (Thomas Edison) “It took him 10,000 tries to make a working light bulb.”

Kain Canale (Benjamin Franklin) “He is known as America’s founding prankster.”

Robert Daush (George Washington) “He had wooden teeth.”     

Noah Demoss (Mark Twain) “He was a great novelist and travel writer.”      

Jack Edwards (Thomas Jefferson) “He loved cheese so much! Once a friend gave him a 1,300-pound piece of cheese for his birthday.”      

JP Honore (Booker T. Washington) “He founded the Tuskegee Institute-now Tuskegee University.”     

Miles Kenney (Alexander Hamilton) “He had 8 children. That’s a lot of children.” 

Jacob Kerr (John Adams) “He liked to skip school and go hunting.”   

Michael Latson (Benjamin Banneker) “He created the Federal District Map of Washington, D.C.”

Emory Prevost (Henry Ford) “He made a miniature steam engine and the first moving vehicle.”

Gabe Sain (George Washington Carver) “He is buried by Booker T. Washington at Tuskegee University.”     

Gardner Saviori (Andrew Jackson) “He is the only president who paid off our debt.”       

Matthew Sumpter (Paul Revere) “He was born on New Year’s Day, 1735.”  

Cash Tidwell (Walt Disney) “He won 26 Oscars. That’s the most in history.”

Andrew Tucker (Milton Hershey) “He had tickets for the Titanic, but his wife got ill so they did not go.”     

Jack Tucker (Davie Crockett) “He killed 1,000 bears in one season.”

Luke Umsted (Jonathan Chapman a.k.a. Johnny Appleseed) “He was an outdoorsman. He thought it was wrong to kill any kind of animal.”   

John Weinlein (Abe Lincoln) “He lost so many times, but he never gave up.”       

Griffin Wyatt (William Frederick Cody a.k.a. Buffalo Bill) “He killed 4,000 buffaloes in 18 months.”  

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