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Get to Know Mary Kate Garibaldi, SAA SGA President

Get to Know Mary Kate Garibaldi, SAA SGA President

Pictured: Mary Kate and St. Agnes mascot Aggie get ready for a recent Lower School Pep Rally. 

01 Mar, 2023

Mary Kate Garibaldi has been a student at St. Agnes Academy since Pre-Kindergarten. Now in 8th grade, Mary Kate serves as SAA Lower School SGA President. Take a minute to get to know her and heart for service.

Why did you decide to run for SGA President?

I wanted to run for SGA President because I wanted to serve fellow students and plan things to make school more exciting. I also wanted to know more about what people do in leadership roles. I wanted to be more involved with my class and to learn about the things that go on behind the scenes to make the school the way it is.

What have you learned about leadership this year serving as SGA President? 

I have learned that not everything you want just gets handed to you. You have to work for it and come up with a plan to make it happen. You also need to have the resources to be able to go through with your plan.

Do you think you will pursue leadership roles in high school?

I definitely want to pursue leadership roles in high school. I feel like it will better prepare me for things that will happen in the future and opportunities I may have.

How do you think your experience in the St. Agnes Lower School has prepared you for the Upper School?

The Lower School has taught me how to manage my time and handle work appropriately. It has also taught me to not be embarrassed to ask for help. These things should help me in the Upper School.

What are you looking forward to next year in the Upper School? 

I am looking forward to having more opportunities to be involved in the school and to getting the opportunity to join clubs and do other fun activities. I am also looking forward to seeing new faces every day, and I hope that they are just as excited as I am!  

Which of the Dominican Pillars-Study, Prayer, Community, or Service-means the most to you, or has the most impact on you?

I think Service means the most to me out of all the Pillars because God calls us to help others and put others before ourselves. I think it is so important to help others, especially those who have less than we do.

What has been your favorite class? 

Spanish class with Mrs. Jayroe in 7th grade is my favorite class and she is my favorite teacher! Mrs. Jayroe was a very relatable person and never failed to make my day. She taught me so much during 7th grade, and I was more than prepared going into 8th grade. Her way of teaching really stood out to me in all of my years here.

I also want to mention Mr. Goff because not only has he taught me to study, take notes, listen, and bring my lanyard, but he taught me some valuable life lessons that I will take with me for the rest of my life.

As you reflect on your years in the SAA Lower School, what are some of your favorite memories? 

Some of my favorite memories are going to chapel in the ECC. I remember how special it was on the days you got to carry the cross, Bible, or candle. I remember all the songs we used to sing with Mrs. Gretchen and how much we learned.

 Another one of my favorite memories is when Ms. Healy made us pancakes in 6th grade to go along with the book we were reading, Tuck Everlasting. We had so much fun that day! My last favorite memory is when our class spent the night at school. We were in 3rd grade, and we had the time of our lives! We went up to the attic and slept in the DLC.

Other than the SGA, what activities are you involved in? 

As for sports, I am currently playing softball at the high school level, and I am participating in track and field. I also play competitive softball outside of school for Glory Mississippi. I attend St Louis Church Youth Group and to go along with that, I participate in their mission trips. During the summer, we go to different parts of different states that need support, and we provide the help that they need. I also do a lot of serving in my community. Every third Saturday of every month, my mom and I go to Fayette County to distribute food to those that need it.


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