var str = Congratulations to Our SAA 8th Grade Graduates!

Congratulations to Our SAA 8th Grade Graduates!

Congratulations to Our SAA 8th Grade Graduates!

24 May, 2022

Today were honored to celebrate our St. Agnes Academy 8th graders as they marked the end of their lower school years. The members of the Class of 2022 have worked hard to achieve much in all areas of school life, and they are well prepared for the challenges of their high school years. We look forward to watching them as they pursue their talents in high school and the years to come


Valedictorian: Fallon Drzyzga

Second Honors: Olivia Weems

Third Honors: Madelyn Nash



St. Agnes Academy Upper School awards academic scholarships to students who distinguish themselves on the PreACT 8/9. Congratulations to all our scholarship recipients.

Caroline Coffey, Fallon Drzygza, Hailey Frank, and Madelyn Nash were awarded the Presidential Scholarship, which is presented to students who score in the top 5% on the PreACT 8/9 Test.

Ashley Garnica and Sasha Wilson were awarded a Freshman Year Honors Scholarship.

Holland Gossett, Mallory Halliburton, Ava Maples, Mary Grace Pender, and Sallie Key Word were awarded Honor Scholarships.

Olivia Weems was awarded the Sister Ann Raymond Presidential Scholarship for receiving the top score for the PreACT 8/9 out of all applicants to the St. Agnes Academy Freshman class. Olivia also earned a Merit Scholarship for being the top scorer from the St. Agnes Academy 8th grade class.



Outstanding Service Medal: Olivia McCullough

Dominican Spirit Award: Mary Frances Berry, Clara Bolden, and Mary Grace Pender          

Dean’s Award: Fallon Drzyzga

Achievement Award: Maria Paz Angeles-Alejandro, Molly Flynn, Hailey Frank, Olivia McCullough, Mary Grace Pender, and Sasha Wilson

Outstanding SGA Member: Dalyn Nguyen

President's Award for Educational Achievement (GPA between 3.0 and 3.4 for Jr. High): Angel Chatman, Holland Gossett, Annie Higdon, Louisa Howard, Emma Gamez-Mejia, Alexandra McNamara, Dalyn Nguyen and Morgan Paige-Musaerange

President's Award for Educational Excellence  (GPA of 3.5 or above for Jr. High): Maria Paz Angeles-Alejandro, Mary Frances Berry, Clara Bolden, Sophie Boyatt, Adison Butler, Caroline Coffey, Molly Deutsch, Fallon Drzyzga, Molly Flynn, Hailey Frank, Ashley Garnica, Mallory Halliburton, Addison Blu Maness, Ava Maples, Callan McCollum, Olivia McCullough, Madelyn Nash, Mary Grace Pender, Mallory Twelvetrees, Anna Cate Warner, Olivia Weems, Mary Wilhite, Sasha Wilson, Sallie Key Word, and Dwyer Yarrow

Michelle Sting Fine Arts Award:  Ava Maples

STAR Awards: Adison Butler, Molly Flynn, Addy Blu Maness, Callan McCollum, Aubrie Odom, and Dwyer Yarrow

School Spirit Award: Olivia McCullough

The Fellowship Award: Mary Wilhite

The Outstanding Student Award: Fallon Drzyzga


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