var str = Second Semester Dominican Torch Award Winners

Second Semester Dominican Torch Award Winners

Second Semester Dominican Torch Award Winners

04 May, 2022

The Dominican Torch Award, presented twice a year, recognizes those students who live their daily lives in a way that reflects the Four Pillars of Study, Prayer, Community and Service. Each of the winners upholds our standards of conduct and represents the core values of our school.

At the Feast of St. Catherine Mass on April 29, we took time to celebrate the second semester Torch Award winners. These students have inspired others with their generosity and kindness, humility, and compassion. They are wonderful examples for us all!

Olivia Cabigao, St. Agnes 2nd grade

A classmate wrote: I like Olivia so much. She is kind. She includes everyone and will not let anyone be left out. Olivia tries to always clean up early so we can keep our school healthy. I nominate this girl because she picks up trash whenever she sees it on the ground and is a really good person.

JP Honore, St. Dominic 2nd grade

One of his St. Dominic brothers wrote: I think JP should get this award because he is kind by stopping a game when someone gets hurt. He is respectful by being a good listener and following directions. JP always holds doors open for people, studies real hard, and picks up trash. He really thinks hard about the words he says in prayers and participates in the purple and gold cup.

Olivia Kerr, St. Agnes 4th grade

A classmate wrote: I chose Sophie because she is kind and funny. She gets all A’s in stuff like math, reading, and spelling. If you are sad, she will understand if you want to be alone, but she will also cry and laugh with you.

Olivia’s sister nominated her saying: Olivia is the kindest person I know. She is responsible, honest, and caring. She listens and is a loving sister. I am so very proud of her. She deserves this award.

Griffin Kenney, St. Dominic 5th grade

A Fellow Fifth Grader wrote: Griffin is a kind and loving “SDS brother.” He plays with me in games and other stuff, and I can trust him. He has good responsibility and cheers me up when I’m feeling down. He always pays attention in class and works hard. He is polite to adults and always says “Yes, Ma’am,” and “No, Ma’am,” and “Thank you.” Griffin offers to help out anyone and everyone. He’s a great SDS Sun. 

Sophie Boyatt, St. Agnes 8th grade

A classmate wrote: Sophie exemplifies all of the Four Pillars. I can count on her to give an honest and truthful opinion. She shows her love of learning through her outstanding grades, and she makes the best quizlets, which helps everyone in the grade to study for tests!!!

Sophie is one of the most determined and strong people I know. Her confidence to teach others by sharing her own struggles is a wonderful example for all of us. She has made us all very proud.

Hudson Tutor, St. Dominic 8th grade

A classmate wrote: I nominate Hudson Tutor for this award because he is an all-around nice guy. His Dominican spirit is evident in everything he does — from being a team player, to excelling in academics, to assisting at mass as an altar server. He is grounded in faith and has a kind, outgoing spirit that is appreciated by his peers and teachers alike. Almost every day is a great day for Hudson Tutor, and it shows by the way he lives his life.

 Adahline Odom, St. Agnes 9th grade

One of her classmates had this to say: Adahline Odom exemplifies all Four Dominican Pillars. She has been instrumental in the monetary donations toward the child fund for Theology. Adahline is always encouraging others and is like a ray of sunshine to those around her. She volunteers at the school her mom works at and is very service minded.

Another classmate shared: Adahline exhibits spiritual and moral growth, and deep friendship. Her presence and example are a blessing to all around her. Adahline is very optimistic, and she has a very positive attitude. She always has a smile on her face.

One of her teachers had this to say about her: Adahline is a charismatic model of service.  She identifies the needs of others and selflessly does not hesitate to fill those needs with enthusiasm.  Adahline has an ability to make you feel that anything is possible with her ‘can-do’ attitude.  Whenever I need to call upon a student, I always think of Adahline because I know she is dependable and will always commit with a positive attitude.  Our world is a little brighter because of Adahline Odom.

Ryan Kelly, St. Agnes 10th grade

One of her classmates wrote: Ryan is one of the kindest girls that I know. She has a quiet, yet peaceful presence about her and Saint Agnes is so lucky to have her. She always smiles at me in the halls and makes it a point to show her love and kindness to others displaying her care for our community. Ryan also takes her faith very seriously and lives out her Christian life in public and in private. Ryan has been a wonderful friend to me, and she is so deserving of this award. Ryan exhibits all of the following qualities: care for others, respect for all, and an optimistic and positive attitude.

One of her teachers shared: Ryan is inclusive, respectful of her peers and faculty, and kind to everyone around her. While Ryan exhibits all four pillars of St. Agnes whether in the classroom, the theater, or outside of school, it is her welcoming spirit that differentiates her from her peers.

Katie Fracchia, St. Agnes 11th grade

A fellow classmate wrote: Katie Fracchia embodies all Four of the Dominican Pillars. We see Katie’s prayer life by her deep devotion to and knowledge about her Faith, her active participation in her parish, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, and her commitment to sing in the school liturgical choir.  Katie exhibits study as an honor student who excels in the top 10% of her class.  She is active in her school, particularly on the soccer team and as a peer mentor, who embodies the pillar of community.  Finally, service - Katie is active in her parish's Vacation Bible School and at Richland Elementary, and she has a servant heart which all can see.

A teacher wrote: Katie exhibits the Pillar of Prayer. Katie is a role model for her classmates and upperclassmen, who embodies the faith and virtues we strive to instill in our students at St. Agnes Academy. She exudes an optimistic love of learning, partnership, and friendship to everyone she meets.

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