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Congratulations to our 8th Grade Graduates

Congratulations to our 8th Grade Graduates

26 May, 2021

This week we were honored to celebrate our St. Agnes Academy and St. Dominic School 8th graders as they marked the end of their lower school years. The members of the Class of 2021 have worked hard to achieve much in all areas of school life, and they are well prepared for the challenges of their high school years. We look forward to watching them as they pursue their talents in high school and the years to come!

“Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire!”

You can view the graduation ceremonies on our Facebook page. 


St. Agnes Academy

Valedictorians: Madelyn Allison and Taylor Childress

Second Honors: Kathya Morales

Third Honors: Mae Cianciola

St. Dominic School 

Valedictorians: James Johnson and Wynn Thompson

Second Honors: Stephen Brezinski

Third Honors: Sam Aaron


St. Agnes 8th Grade Awards

Scholarship Awards

St. Agnes Academy Upper School awards academic scholarships to students who distinguish themselves on the PreACT 8/9. Congratulations to all our scholarship recipients.

Meryl Cochran, Ashlee Peden and Taylor Childress were awarded the Presidential Scholarship, which is presented to students who score in the top 5% on the PreACT 8/9  Test.

Taylor Childress also receive the Merit Scholarship for receiving the top score from St Agnes Academy 8thgrade.

Anna Brady was awarded the Sister Suzanne Callahan Scholarship for the top Math score on the PreACT 8/9

Annalissa Browning, Kathya Morales, Anna BradyMadelyn Allison, Avery Jones, Mary Anna Kalb and Emma Mungle were awarded an Honors Scholarship based on their PreAct 8/9 composite score.

The Freshman Leadership Scholarship was awarded to Anna Catherine Deeney.

Outstanding Service Medal: Ellie Ashley and Lillian Brent

Dominican Spirit Award: Emma Mungle and Kate Nieman          

Dean’s Award: Anna Catherine Deeney

Achievement Award: Brooklyn Andre, Allison Garnica, Lundyhn Ly, Kathya Morales, Ashlee Peden and Nailah Woods

Outstanding SGA Member: Lundyhn Ly

President’s ACHIEVEMENT Awards (GPA between 3.0 and 3.4 for Jr. High): Mia Cortez, Ella Davis, Leah Ferrari, Victoria Gonzalez, Marbella Hernandez, Ansley McLure, Lailah Owens, Julieanna Palazola, Parker Raines, Scarlett Seymour, and Angelina Tran

President’s ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE Awards (GPA of 3.5 or above for Jr. High): Madelyn Allison, Brooklyn Andre, Anna Brady, Lillian Brent, Annalissa Browning, Ann Hayes Bubrig, Taylor Childress, Mae Cianciola, Meryl Cochran, Anna Catherine Deeney, Allison Garnica, Mary Mac Gilland, Avery Jones, Mary Anna Kalb, Lundynh Ly, Leighton Melton, Eva Meyers, Kathya Morales, Emma Mungle, Katie Nieman, Ashlee Peden, Parrish Smith, Nailah Woods and Graci Workman

Michelle Sting Award:  Mary Anna Kalb

STAR Awards: Madelyn Allison, Taylor Childress, Ella Davis, Anna Catherine Deeney, and Eva Meyers

School Spirit Award: Taylor Childress and Graci Workman

The Fellowship Award: Mae Cianciola, Allison Garnica and Eva Meyers

The Outstanding StudentAward: Madelyn Allison, Taylor Childress and Emma Mungle


St. Dominic School 8th Grade Awards

Scholarship Awards

The Presidential Scholarship from Christian Brothers High School is awarded to students whose placement test scores are in the top 10% of all students who apply for admission to CBHS. Scholarships were awarded to Sam Coady and Collin Tobin.

Wynn Thompson received the Brothers Merit Scholarship which is awarded to the top scoring student at each CBHS partner schools.

Dominican Spirit Award: Joseph Tidwell and Michael Enright 

Outstanding Student Government Member: Wynn Thompson

Dean’s Award:  Joseph Tidwell

Achievement Awards: Sam Aaron,Stephen Brezenski, Buck Chancellor, Collier Hill, James Johnson, Troy Nguyen

President's Award for Educational Achievement (GPA between 3.0 and 3.4 in Jr. High): JT Manes, Jake Floyd, Lucas Caraway, Luke Lucchesi

President's Award for Educational Excellence (GPA of 3.5 or above in Jr. High):  James Johnson, Wynn Thompson, Stephen Brezinski, Sam Aaron, Sam Coady, Joseph Tidwell, Troy Nguyen Collier Hill, Max Miller, Jack Lamanna, Buck Chancellor, Michael Enright, Collin Tobin, Sam Kitsinger, and Eli Smith

Michelle Sting Award for Excellence in the Fine Arts: Stephen Brezenski 

Sun Awards: Michael Enright, Jake Floyd, Jack Lamanna, Luke Lucchesi, Will Seelig, Teddy Miller

St. Dominic School Spirit Award: Sam Coady

The Fellowship Award: Nash Hammond

Outstanding Student Award: Wynn Thompson


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Dominican Blessing for Our Graduates

May God the Father bless us.

May God the Son heal us.

May God the Holy Spirit enlighten us,

and give us

eyes to see with,

ears to hear with,

hands to do the work of God with,

feet to walk with,

a mouth to preach the word of salvation with,

and the angel of peace to watch over us

 and lead us at last, by our Lord’s gift,

to the Kingdom.



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