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Wisdom Shared by the Class of 2024

Wisdom Shared by the Class of 2024

15 May, 2024

While the Class of 2024 has finished walking the halls of the Academy, the legacy they have left will continue long after they are gone, thanks in part to an SAA tradition: Senior Voices.  The Senior Voices program began in 2007 and since that time the members of each graduating class have shared reflections and words of wisdom with their classmates and underclassmen

At Upper School assemblies throughout the year, seniors use their experiences to motivate and inspire other students. The Class of 2024 reflections were heartfelt, honest, and empowering. Speeches addressed many topics including the power of love and gratitude, challenging yourself, keeping a positive mindset, being true to yourself, and being open to change and new opportunities.

Below is a small sampling of the pearls of wisdom imparted by the Class of 2024, with excerpts from a few of the many Senior Voices that were presented.

Wisdom Shared - “Be where your feet are.”

Clarice Cox

The idea of living in the moment may seem like a simple concept, but let me tell you, it was hard for me to get there. Once I finally did, I was able to enjoy my life. And while not every day is perfect, I’ve never felt happier, and I want that for you all. Now, I know what works for me may not work for you, but I really want everyone to leave here trying to be where their feet are


Wisdom Shared – “Show love in little ways.”

Lilly Sobalvarro

Notice all the people in your life who love you and who care about you and think about the ways that you can show that love back to them. So, hug the people you love! Tell your teachers and parents thank you. Tell your friends you love them and do it often. Show love in the little ways, and I promise you’ll start to see it all around you all the time. 


Wisdom Shared – “Live as your authentic self.”

Danni Rogers

On a random day in 2020, my heart condition decided to act up, and long story short, I had to have my heart stopped. If you’re interested in that story, I have MANY college essays that you can read about it! And as awful and terrible as having your heart stopped sounds, which it was, I see how that day shaped me.

After defibrillators were set aside and wires were unhooked, it left me an opportunity for reflection: Was I living as my authentic self? I started to embrace the girl I wanted to be. I allowed myself to grow and pushed my comfort zone….

I’m not going to lie: change is difficult. Growth is hard. Changing your mindset is not a simple task but the small, intentional decisions along the way will build your confidence. In the end, the work is worth the pay-off.


Wisdom Shared – “Listen to your heart.”

Emily Thorne

I realized over my time at St. Agnes I had found where and what I was meant to be, at least for right now. Instead of listening to all the voices around me telling me who I was supposed to be, I was listening to my heart because I realized I am not some ordinary girl going to do some ordinary things. 


Wisdom Shared – “Live beyond your resume.”

Sarah Henry Havard

My life took a dramatic turn in the middle of my sophomore year. I got a concussion during volleyball practice. At first, it seemed like a simple sports injury, and I would be back to practice and playing in a week. I was very wrong. I never ended up playing volleyball seriously again. 

Sitting in the darkness of my room for 2 weeks, I had a lot of time to evaluate if what I was doing was really bringing me joy and fulfillment. I was putting myself through these hoops that were bringing me enormous amounts of anxiety, and for what? Extra points on my GPA or another line for my resume? 

By the end of my sophomore year, I came up with a little mantra for myself to help me get over these unrealistic expectations. Live beyond your resume. Now with the help of a very strong and loyal support system of friends, teachers, and family I have been able to discover what truly makes me happy.

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