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Student Voices

St. Agnes Academy for Girls - GIRLS WITH GRIT since 1851

Inspired by the courageous women who founded St. Agnes Academy in 1851, a St. Agnes girl is tenacious in the pursuit of her dreams. With caring and knowledgable educators at her side and with God's light consistently guiding her, a St. Agnes girl is empowered, confident and prepared for her future.

St. Dominic School for Boys - WHERE BOYS BECOME BROTHERS since 1956

Since 1956, St. Dominic School has prepared boys to become young men of integrity, young men of faith and young men prepared for their next step in life. The bonds of brotherhood begin here - a place where boys can learn, grow and boldly pursue their best selves.

At the Dominican Community of Schools our students have many opportunities to realize St. Catherine of Siena's call to "Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire." Through superb academics, arts and athletics, co-curricular activities, retreats, and service, our students explore and achieve their potential. Just as importantly, they realize that to become their best selves, they must not only discover their God-given gifts, but use them for others. Our well-rounded and well-balanced students become assured and involved graduates who contribute meaningfully, in college and beyond.

Find out from our students what's so special about being a St. Agnes Girl and a St. Dominic Boy.

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