Feast of St. Catharine Celebrated
Posted 05/10/2018 04:10PM

During the Feast of St. Catharine celebration students received the Dominican Torch Award - Pictured from l. to. r.: (Row1) Shuler Tidwell (SD3), Emma Casey (SA3), Luke Lucchesi (SD5), Mary Francis Berry (SA4); (Row 2) Jack McLaughlin (SD7), Kendall Stallings (SA12), Melody Green (SA10), and Megan Norsworthy (SA7).


Bishop Martin Holley was our celebrant as the St. Agnes Academy-St. Dominic School community gathered for the Feast of St. Catharine. As part of the celebration, students were presented the Dominican Torch Awards and Dr. Kathy Zanone was presented the Albertus Magnus Award, which recognizes an outstanding educator who demonstrates the four pillars of the Dominican tradition: Study, Prayer, Community and Service. Our Littlest Stars and Suns even had a special visit with the Bishop 

St. Catharine is the saint associated with the Dominican Sisters of St. Catharine, KY who founded SAA in 1851. In 2010, our sponsorship shifted as seven communities of Dominican Sisters joined together to become the Dominican Sisters of Peace.  The Dominican Sisters of Peace sponsor 4 elementary and secondary schools, three universities, and three literacy centers among their considerable missions.

Torch Awards Recognize Students Who Exemplify the Four Pillars

 The Torch Awards recognize those students who exhibit, by their example, the four pillars of the Dominican charism: Prayer, Study, Community and Service. Students are nominated for this honor by their classmates and teachers, and the awards are presented twice a year. Below are excerpts from the nominations, which were submitted by classmates and teachers:

Emma Casey: “I think Emma is a good example to others because she is joyful, helpful, truthful and responsible.” 

Shuler Tidwell: “I nominate Shuler because he is very kind and respectful. He is honest and helpful whenever anyone is in need. He even has good handwriting!!

Mary Frances Berry: “When I look to see what Mary Frances is doing on her computer, she is always on Quizlet, studying for a test. She also reads lots of books. She can put a smile on your face in 5 seconds! Mary Frances follows the Justice, Respect and Peace rules. She has a positive attitude and always tried to help people. 

Luke Lucchesi:  “I nominate Luke because he always has a smile on his face. He never argues with people and isn’t afraid to speak up and defend people when someone is picking on them.”

Megan Norsworthy: “She goes out of her way to be kind and helpful.  Megan works hard to learn and succeed. She is a quiet, reflective person who is focused on God. Her calm spirit eases the stress and worries of those around her.”

Jack McLaughlin:“Jack represents the 4 Pillars to the world. He is the go-to person when someone needs help. He is like a brother to everyone.”

Melody Green: "She always greets you with a smile and is so positive.  Her enthusiastic outlook is refreshing to anyone that is around her.”

Kendall Stallings: “Kendall is a beautiful model of graceful leadership.  Her confidence and talents are laced with humility.  She is a team player who is more concerned with success of the project than accolades for herself."


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