St. Agnes Academy - St. Dominic School is a Catholic School that follows the Dominican Charisms of Prayer, Study, Community, and Service.

Dominican Sponsorship
St. Agnes Academy was founded by the Dominican Sisters of St. Catharine, Kentucky in 1851. The sisters also founded St. Dominic School for Boys in 1956. Today, the Sisters continue to sponsor the schools even though they no longer own them. Four members of the Board of Trustees are Dominican Sisters of Peace. Although they no longer teach at the schools or participate in the day to day running of the schools they assist the administration uphold the Dominican charism and spirit to praise, to bless and to preach. Our chaplains are the Dominican Friars at St. Peter Church, which continues to enhance our Dominican experience.

The Four Pillars of Dominican Life are Prayer, Community, Study and Service or Preaching. At St. Agnes and St. Dominic, we provide our students with:

  • Opportunities to pray daily in all classes
  • Regularly scheduled liturgies
  • Daily Communion Service
  • Weekly Mass for all students
  • Weekly chapel for ECC students

We build community in our classrooms, on our sports teams, in our student organizations and through social events sponsored by the school. Our students study and excel in their classrooms with the goal of becoming people who will be able to influence the world for good through their love of knowledge.

Service to others is a hallmark of our students at St. Agnes and St. Dominic. Our students learn at an early age that they have a responsibility to build the Kingdom of God through their service to others and that in fulfilling their responsibility they will spread the Truth as St. Dominic did.

For more information please contact:
Gretchen Kirk
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St. Agnes Academy
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