Upper School Visual Arts

The Upper School Art Department offers Art I, II, III, and Advanced Placement Art. All classes are studio classes with hands-on experiences, stressing creativity, experimentation, and the development of a visual language. Art I is a one-semester class with instruction in art basics. All other classes are 2 semester electives and earn one credit, building on the basics in drawing, painting, color theory, and printmaking. Upper level classes focus on the development of artistic style and the creation of a portfolio for college entrance and scholarship. Advanced Placement Art is open to seniors who have completed Art 1,2 &3. Students who chose AP art will be completing work for the AP portfolio which can earn the student college credit. These courses are taught by Janis McCarty and DeEtta Jones.

Lower School Visual Arts

In Lower School Art the students cover all the basics. From the “Elements of Art” through the “Principles of Design”. They gain an understanding of how the elements are used in conjunction with the principles to make art that is both expressive and visually pleasing. We start with younger students to cover elementary concepts, as well as vocabulary and skills. As the students progress they will hone their skills to make art that is more sophisticated. Students go on “Virtual Field Trips” . These visits to sites and Museums through our Distance Learning Center help them gain understanding of a particular period in art. These sessions are also chosen to reinforce whatever concept they are learning. The students in 5th through 8th grade also begin working with their computers in art. They do research and visit web-sites related to the project. They also make art and art projects on their computers. The Lower School program is designed to prepare our students to not only continue their training in art at the Upper School level, but to enable them to meet the challenges they face using a full range of perspectives.

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